Friday, May 8, 2009

9 part lust, 1 part logic (simpled)


semua orang telah pun membaca penulisan asal utusan ini bukan?
maka, atas sebab-sebab tertentu, utusan asal telah pun dialihkan daripada blog ini.

*the original post has been deleted by the author for it has been foully twisted by the comments form the readers.


A superior person always tries to be humble and empty.


Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

so you finally posted it... i see what you mean... poor you... more importantly... poor her...

let's just pray for the best... for everyone...

a minor character said...

so, after such twisted decipher session.. it is posted.. owh well, she's a human behavior observer, such NICE & CRAZY job actually..
and eventually tried to foresee your future.. huhu.. nice one~ i would just love to learn the theories! XP
attitudes change every single moment, every second..

Izyani Rosley said...

impressive post awak
btw, org akan slalu nampak kesalahan org lain kalau dia rasa dia saja yg betul.

that is egoism.

Zufar Ismail Zeid said...

Dude, thats retarded man... Judge a book by it's cover... So basically if I put a picture of a well dressed woman as a cover for a pornography mag then the content is not pornographic? Wow. That's new. Oh well, some people are just beyond help, you know.

Dr hAnnA said...

"seharum harum sakura?"
cm knal..

btw..bkn niat mmbela
'boy2' tu mmg means 'bye2'
rmai je yg gne istilah tuh..

nway, byk manusia byk ragam..
saba je la ea..
jgn lak ko wat entry bru lak sal kowmen nih..hak2

-hari2 pon hari ibu~-lalala~

hanif.hafiz.hanafi said...

aahh..nani..xabes hr ibu ko..haha..kidding..TEPT..ak backup ko..dun wury..prmpuan ni mmg cm2..kite lelaki ni kene cool je ..(sori xsme gurk cm SHS ni..) thats her ak cm kenal je bese je dgr..xksahla..~hari2 pon hari siang~

zaihas said...
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zap said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
aiman said...

hai..salam ziarah~

aminh said...

ade jugak budak lain yg misteri ye..

i luv u..SHS.. said...


alif al ain (aline) said...

ni mesti HAJAR tepet...ak da tahu da...

hanif.hafiz.hanafi said...

hahak..sudah tept..kawen ke ko nnt..

alif ain said...

weyh sape gune nme aku lak tu?tp aku tau tu sape tepet..haha..sian ko tepet,xpe aku sokong ko..kat dunie ni da mcm bnde2 pelik da,n this is one of them.haha.peace!:p

Anonymous said...

sabo je laa.. remember what i said dlm ym td...dah~myrasakura

abdullahkadir said...

girls are full of drama~

Zufar Ismail Zeid said...

janganla nk compare all girls the person here... haha kalau semua girls macam ni agak wtf gak la... this is just human nature...

anwar azhari said...

this is isolated case dowh.. 1 in a million je kot bdak pelik cmnih. but i really cant stand pple with closed minded perception. i'm not being mad, n i dun hate her. i hate the idea n perception inside her.

Anonymous said...

salam ziarah...

no comment at all..

aku.kurik. said...

biarkan jerlah dier
dier ckp cmtuh maybe dier rasa diri dier jer yang bagus kan?!

btw aku x problem pun kerja ngan ko ok jer

redapples said...

ak pham entry ko ni sal ko bngang,
tp an..
sebenarnya 2-2 salah
die crik psal
ko plak da kire brukkan lg keadaan
memalukan dye dah ni
ko kire dah dose gak wat entry cmni
pas2 org kutuk dye rmai2 mlalui komen
byk manusia mmg byk ragam
dye salah sbb tego ko x tentu psal
ko pon slah jugak sbb org dah cam sape dye..

harap ko bley trime r tept..
mintak maaf kalo cm kasar..

dan 1 lg nk kasitau..dia mmg cmtu..
x perlu post kot..

kepalakotak said...


aku cuba menilai buku dengan menilai kulitnya, kemudian belek-belek sikit kandungannya.

lepas tu aku simpan untuk aku seorang. mudah.

kepalakotak said...

komen ko dah sampai puluh-puluh. aku tambah satu lagi.

word verification yang aku dpt:
A.L.L.Y.Z.A , macam nama wanita. menarik.

la la la la la la la la la..

owh, dah nak pukul 1 pagi. bye.

lets just keep it anonymous said...

this is just a publicity act ppl. it is somewhat similar with the oh so famous 'fermentedlimau rebellious posts'.

everyone knows who the girl is, can't the nick be anymore obvious? it sure is embarassing for her, since ur dissing her like someone did to 'haiwan'. you ought to learn from his mistake.

i understand, u hv to let it out somehow. you just couldn't keep it to urself huh. perhaps u could complain it to a friend, and by tht you could scream at the same time.

oh and i hv read the post about dressing. wanted to cmmnt over there, but i'm too lasy to go back. so i'll cmmnt here. well lately, there are tons of posts like yours for eg. nangka?! lol.

ok aaanyway, you guys should not do tht!! not in a million trillion years. you see, some of the girls (a few) do not wear wear hijabs back in malaysia. wht is ur opinion on tht? since i think they're somehow forced to do so. and they hv to know tht wearing hijab doesnt mean ur covering ur aurat.

they hv to do this step by step. they hv to it for themselves, for God. and to you guys, you can't expect them to wear a hijab and immediately cover everything. by posting posts like this, they will just rebel and dissent to everything ur telling them. maybe do it in a more proper manner.

ur english is good, keep it up! and boy boy is bye bye in ammiyah! haha

Zufar Ismail Zeid said...

I don't know her. So what you're saying doesn't apply to me? Besides, I, for one, am speaking in a general matter and not aiming to diss anybody.

anwar azhari said...


org kutuk2 dye kat bhg komentary ak nih.. n ko pn kutuk dye gak..

on ur 2nd last line.

i'll keep ur identity anonymous..

if u girls all noe tht she wud b like tht, wud u girls just let her 2 b as she is till she's graduatd? wud u want a dr tht hav such though n peception? i wont wnt any of my frens here, to b like tht.

of givin lessons to others, either in a nice or extreme manner, wud make d person grew stronger. she wud b a more open minded person to hear others thought n perception.

bottomline, x kn la kalo membe ko ni ad smthin wrong, ko nk biarkn je dye, n lets hope somehow she wud get better smday.. tht means smthin wrong wth u tht only let ur frens wth her probs.

too much pple said "dye mmg cmtuh lar"..
come on la.. ko nk ke org yg cmnih?? u guys keep givin false hopes as if she wud b like this forever.. i see sme good in her, n she cud change. i noe that she wud change, but all of us hav 2 do their part. let me be d bad guy if u girls see it like tht. n i let u girls, particularly her close frens, wud b d angles to cure her in a nice n proper manner, to support her from her back.

in time, shs may b a better person thn myself. tht is wht i hoped for.

hanif.hafiz.hanafi said...

orait semua..betenang..ak mnx maaf siap2 la..

Anonymous said...

it's maybe too late to say this now but i am not attempted to menambah minyak ke dlm api. tp, seyes pompuan tu is acting all high and mighty.
when i read ur ym status, i dun really think of anything bad in particular.
i think it's juz putar belit ayat dr "jgn kamu keras kepala dgn saya"
people who thought too much from such a shallow phrase is... i think, seorg yg ske mncri kesalahan dr tindkn org.

sori la kalo assumption ak slh.
juz a bold guess. but at least i dun judge a book by it's cover.

ak xkenal sape pompuan tu, tp ak atas pagar. ak xnk komen sape btol sape slh. tp bile bace post ney, ak reminiscence psl sorg manusia yg almost sama.
feel bad to encounter such a person.

sorry, komen terpanjang lak. teremo jap. =p

sori kalo ade sesape yg rase xbesh sbb komen ney.
bkn untuk mem"bash" sesape, tp saje nk drop some comment.
it's been a while since my last anonymous comment.

ena kot said...

huh..crite panas!penat membace. no any further comment.can't u guys just stop it rite here n just let it be..haha~

Anonymous said...

setiap org ada kelemahan.. ye,,dia bersalah..kamu pon bersalah jugak..xde cara lain ke utk kamu melepaskan ketidakpuasan hati kamu tu..tindakan kamu ni lg memburukkan keadaan..kamu dah memalukan dia...pikir2 la..saya hnya bg pendapat aje..

anwar azhari said...

dye bersalah, n dye memalukn diri sendri.

ak bg pndpt ak, n then tkene kt dye, dye rse malu.

care ak bg pndpt ak, care ak salah, n ak rase malu.

ak dpt shame, dye dpt shame.

kalo dye sorg je dpt shame, ak x wat post nih.

ak pn dpt shame dlm hal ini.

ni risk yg ak amek demi kebaikn dye.

ak pasti n amat berharap dye akn jd lg baik lpas nih.

Anonymous said... ni xde la baik sgt sbg ex sasser se skola dgn ko..
actly mende ni kcik je..pbualan dlm ym..nk heran ape?
u fall in satan's trap to get angry..juz say astaghfirullah if u feel discomfort..
anyway gdluck in ur studies..

anwar azhari said...


ex sasser, (bile mase lak saser jd double s. ko mnyamar saser nih)
kalo ko nk kate mnda ni kecik, salah tuh. isu kecik x kn dpt dkupas dgn pelbagai. n bkn ak je yg tkene ngan dye nih, membe2 dye n membe2 ak pn kene gak. n i even heard it myself from her frens tht she is probmatic. but of coz her frens just stood patiently with her attitude. this post is a simple action of mine to correct d wrong, n may b tht ths isnt d correct way, judging from d reactions.
bsides ak nk share smthings in life tht we shudnt do.
like havin a superior feeling, critisisig others, respecting others n to widen perceptions.
n if this is just a peculiar ym chat tht pple wud just ignore, pple wud ignore it.

kami said...

haha.problematic! dah2 la tu. tutup kes.

Anonymous said...

Sepotong hadis Rasulullah s.a.w menyebutkan bahawa, "Barangsiapa yang menutup aib saudara Muslimnya, nescaya Allah s.w.t akan menutup keaibannya di akhirat kelak."

Padahal, keaiban dan kelemahan seseorang itu memang berlaku dalam urusan Allah. Tuhan sendiri telah menyatakan bahawa manusia itu dicipta dalam serbu kekurangan dan mereka tidak sempurna.

"Wa khuliqal insanu dha'ifan - dan diciptakan manusia itu dalam keadaan daif."

pemerhati komen yg byk said...

ni shs da tau ke lom senanye ni..
kalo niat ko btul tept, aku doakan die brubah..
jgn berubah niat tept..
btul gak cara ko ni..

cuma aku nk tnye sumtin'
ape senanye maksud status 'jgn kamu keras kepala dgn saya'??
quote sape tuh..?
mungkin ade yg silap d ctu..

pemerhati juga said...

kpd pmerhati komen yg bnyak.
usha la post tepet "feared or respected".
nnt ko taw la jwpnnyer.

pemerhati juga said...

haah. tepet, si shs nih da taw ko lom?

anwar azhari said...

kami: yup, probmatic la kalo bnyak sgt org ckp "prangai dye mmg cmtuh".

anonymous: terima kasih bnyak2..

pemerhati komen yg bnyak: ak x berubah niat kot.. tp ak rse cm komentary dr org rame kt ruangan nih dh ubah flow.. kalo x de komen bnyak2 x de jd pelik2 kot..

pemerhati juga: tq kerana memerhati scara kseluruhan.. ak pn x taw lar..

MyrA AY@shi said...

hehehe.. kau nak tau? haha.. aku la yg tolong sambut bakul buah kau tu. alala..sweet gilerrr! habeh la engkau, skandal terbaru nih. haha.. tp what u did was right la. good for you!

Anonymous said...

salam..nape ak xpaham apa2 nie..
pasal bdak tu yg ym ko ke...
slimg mmafkan ja la ea...
byakkn sbar...
ak doakan agar korang bbaik blik sbb nyer korang pnah brkrja dlam 1group kn...
maafla kalu aku slap pndangan yg korang ni gduh n pada hkikatnyer korang xgaduh..
nana~ ^_^

Anonymous said...

d post has been removed..
thts y la x phm apaper.
still need 2 comment?

nice tht ur doin good.

Anonymous said...

ye la....
sbb bru nk mmahami...
slah ke..
k tata~

anwar azhari said...

anonymous mnyemak di ruangan komen.


harap maaf di atas kekacauan yg berlaku