Sunday, April 26, 2009

its not enough


to be nice,

still it wudnt be nice enough to say how nice is the rainbow.

to felt hurt,

still it wudnt screamed it out like how hurt death is.

to get high,

still it wudnt be high enough to be paralyzed.

to be cool,

still the chill of south pole wud give tremors.

to get intelligent,

still the mere existence of heavens and earth are told.

to be hot,

still hates are the things that we get.

to smile,

still our smiles only cure the ones who are nearby.

to stab,

still the blood only wud poison our heart back like cancer.

to shout,

still the cloud wudnt burst in response to the vibration.

to draw,

still the drawings are only words of no language and not understood.

to write,

and not to be read.

its not complicated at all..

such troublesome person tept is.


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