Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm a muhajjir

Women That Makes The Highest Impact of My Life

The reason I’m writing this blog is to show everybody that I got a life that has been altered and improved by my relationship with these persons. I didn’t write “Man that Makes the Highest Impact” because its far more complicated than anybody could ever imagine.

1. Atiqah

1st daughter of Dr Khairul. I knew her for quite a long time. It could be said that we only met once a year. The last time i saw her is at her birthday party last march. She showed me happiness. She showed me that family love has to be appreciated. She showed me that we have to be good to all of our friends. She is the sweetest girl.

2. Mell

A debater from kusess. I knew her since April 2007. She is cute, friendly, and i always felt calm (when I felt so tense) each time she talked to me. She always said that she is not good enough for her. She kept saying that there is much nicer girl out there who is so much better than her for me. She kept saying that. She talked less and less to me. I didn’t get her call much lately. She said that she should be running away from me. WTH. We are just friends. How could she run away from a friend? By her saying that there are nicer girl than her for me, I felt like she actually want to say; I’m not good enough to even just be a friend with her.

3. Mardhiah

I don’t know much about her. I met her for the first time on April 2007 and I met her for the second time on June 2008. I last saw her on 11th august. She inspired me to go further and cross on no matter what is ahead of us. She inspired me to think that the future is still unwritten (it has been written but we don’t know) and we must do our best to write the best and to keep writing the best.

4. Jasmin
My head swirls, twirls, spinning all over the place and got lost on the sky of flawlessness on the 1st time I saw her. I am brave enough to say that i am a talkative person. However, she is the only girl who made me speechless. It’s like the Aura is too hard to be handled. It’s like my tongue is tied so hard that I couldn’t even say any simple word to her.

5. Emmy

Nobody dare to say she is not pretty. She is a beautiful girl. Compared me to her, I’m nothing. We know each other through another friend. She is the girl who made me change into another person. I'm a selfish, stubborn, close minded, and short sighted before I met her. After something awful that got me, I decided to change heck a lot. Now, I’m more to a down-to-earth person and have become more patient and far sighted.

As conclusion, they are not my girlfriends. But they are indeed a good girl who is a friend of mine.


amalina AR said...

thanx 4 da wish!

amalina AR said...
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ennyripoff said...

banyak influence from gfs jer?..........

ahuyy~ said...

influence awek ramai..

nanie said...

hey tiqah's on the 1st list!:D hv u seen her lately??

.mell. said...

ya allah.your comment on me is quite harsh.but i get it.its true.except the last me,i'd trade the world for our brought me to maturity,higher confidence and harder efforts in studying and even to move on in life.our friendship is beautiful and precious to me than anything in this always wished the best for why shouldn't want whats best for u?