Wednesday, July 13, 2011

sekiranya malang berbau, tentu wangi


farmakologi hanya mampu merangka soalan yang sebegitu mudah.

mengantuk, basuh muka di tandas, dan dapat ilham untuk tulis ini.

untouched pulchritude

under this inveigle steps
with water and tears of depression
a pace that should not be broken
as forth,
comfort awaits
held in its warmness
to squeeze the tenderness
the sweet juice of endlessness
in a second of a thousand years

as thy beauty
rectifies means
and my footsteps
are being mean
in this chanceful coalition,
or perhaps a peaceful entanglement,
from an accidental collision,
of a sublime preposition.

with feign blindness
i dropped in thou shadow
to fill in thou hollow
enlights all the sorrow
defies the irony of lone
and fire our love
above this hearth

but i opened my eyes
thus step by
and let faith pass through
my heart whom are in need of you


p/s: dah terlupa bagaimana manis coklat.

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Anonymous said...

yeay, you are writing again! Keep it up!