Saturday, February 6, 2010

poetry code crack 1- as it is


ok.. here would be something new,
i figure that some of my writings could only be understood by me.
and so, it gets me thinking. y am i even writing this whole craps?

so i think, and think, and think some more and came up with this.

Poetry Code Crack.

where i wud be true to myself as to tell u all whut i actually meant in my writing.
if this doesnt sound fun enough, u may leave my blog. no hard feelings for me.

ok.. here it goes.
i want to start with a simple one. so i pick up AS IT IS. written on june 27th, 2009.

original link- here.

Of the apologize that comes not from the feeling of guilt,
but from the fear of something upcoming would trouble theirselves.

i came up with this sentence before we all are ought to take the final exam for the 2nd semester last year. cuz i heard pple saying, "omg, i had done smthing wrong to my friend. if i didnt apologize, i might not be able to answer the questions in d exam.."
ok. its a nice thing to think that way, but eitherway, u'll pass if u study. the feel of guilt might come from fear of something upcoming would somehow troubles u, but is any matter of fact, suppose, that when we are in debt of someone's forgiveness, we ought to beg for it. as in the name of friendship, brotherhood, sisterhood, ukhwah, and on our base of Islam.

u see, the guilt should come from the fear of Allah SWT that created us. and upon what held beyond His hellfire that we are bound to have (nauzubillah) if we are not forgiven by some other human being. as for so, u would be plead a sincere apology to ur friend or foe. remember, that we should always be ready to forgive others if others does smthin bad back at u. learn to forgive.

forgive ur friend for making u uncomfortable.
forgive a companion that punches u in d face.
forgive a mate that laughs at u seeing u fell from the staircase or the tram.
forgive ur friends that mistakenly took smthing from u without permission.
forgive ur neighbour who makes noises all night while ur trying to study or sleep.
forgive ur parents for scolding u, for not taking u to a better school, for not giving whut u want, for the dress that u didnt get or anything. thay had done so much for u.
forgive ur brothers.
forgive ur sisters.

forgive, and forget.

*sigh. i just explain why the heck i wrote that phrase in the first place. turns out that its pretty much to say about it. i'll stop here.


abdullahkadir said...

Im totally agree bout this tept...

fiDa yO said...


Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

'forgive a companion that punches u in d face'... haha...
forgive and forget...

anwar azhari said...

thanks kadir n fida.

its true to forgive.
unless u wanna punch him back,
i suggest u forget it.

miss barbie_sakura said...


yea, forgiving people is the best way to make ourself feel better about something..

**reminding me of the bittersweet days in school..pmr n spm year~


farah_AJ said...

i like this entry. exactly wat i felt...sumtime

anwar azhari said...

thanks ainur and kak farah..

yes, we wud always feel good after forgiving smone..

athirah ali said...

wahhh good quote! mula2 i x faham sgt what you were trying to say but after you explained, it became sooo meaningful :D niiice

anwar azhari said...

thank you.. thats my point.. so tht evrybody else wud get my point.. haha

miss barbie_sakura said...

n dont forget to forgive people with all our heart...

0-0 apologise n forgive~

Anonymous said...

saya sangat suka layout baru kamu.
sangat simple, but well-organized.
sy kunjung sini kala-kala saja.
tiba-tiba terbuka hati mahu komen untuk puji layout.
Sy suka. nampak bersih.


anwar azhari said...

terima kasih

Neo Rantissi said...

very nice dude, well said! ouh, good luck for the rest of ur exams!