Saturday, February 20, 2010

masih di belakang resit gelanggang tanah liat


sengaja menulis ini. tidak ditujukan kepada sesiapa. mendapat inspirasi daripada salah sebuah lagu Gym Class Heroes. mereka ialah sekumpulan penyanyi rentak rap dan hip hop yang agak hebat. merekalah yang memberi inspirasi kepada saya untuk menulis puisi pada awalnya. semalam saya terngiang kembali lagu mereka dan hasilnya, ialah sebuah penulisan di belakang resit gelanggang tanah liat.

Hey there, I've been longing
to meet you again or at least
I'm dying to call you where
in the night, it would be you and
me, talking on the phone and having
absolutely no worries of whatsoever
and more enlightens me is
when we are not even talking on the
phone. we would just be silent to
each other, but still each breath
you took can be heard on my ear.
Funny how we can still be on the
phone while neither of us are talking.
Then i heard u humming. My god,
I would jump off the building or
cut of my wrist just to hear that
hum again. How lovely.
But now, is all the feel has gone?
ur not answering to my call or reply
my text anymore. i guess it just
suggest that you had been moving on
now. i understand my dear, its just
too hard for us to be together. u may
had move on, but i still gonna wait.
because i believe, our love, is pure.

yeah.. yeah.. yada2.. bunyi jiwang and all that.. but WTH, this is Tept's Lame Poetry.
and this stuff up here dont even rhyme.. so what? i dunnoe.. i wrote this while taking a break from pathology. its a good thing that none of the IHD or CVS or thrombophlebitis make theirseleves into this awful writing.

oh yeah, and more, if u feel like im contradicting myself from my previous post, let me remind u again that this stuff was done on purpose. and not under intention of love nor lust.


fiDa yO said...

JIWG eyh...

AnAk iBu said...

gunakan faedah blog seperti mana yg kau guna seperti sebelum neh.



anwar azhari said...

fida: =p

nanay: dun worry. i'll turn faeces to fertilizer. if u dis it, its just foods for the flowers to grow..

AnAk iBu said...

tu ah ko.
ko tau x betapa ak takut dpt komeng ko tu smpai ak nk tutop belog.
naseb x.

anwar azhari said...


camne ko leh jd takut lak?

i-tell-a-tale said...
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