Saturday, June 27, 2009

as it is


Of the apologize that comes not from the feeling of guilt, but from the fear of something upcoming would trouble theirselves.

Of the hardness of battle that comes from the devil is hard enough to hurt others and to make theirselves hurt.

Of the blindness that comes from a witch would take the word hideous apart and place the word lust into the part.

Of the voices of our little brothers having a quarrel is annoying enough, but as how water cant be split, as it is, brotherhood.

Of the patience that were held comes to nothing as how we thought that taking action as smooth or as rough would be the best.

Of the words that are vital to be memorized, as vital as it would be, we are handling it nice and slowly with care.

Of the affection that comes, should not be mistaken with someone else, but to take it as it is and to be greatful with the love that were given.

Of the hardship that were carved by a single man, would be the inspiration of thousands of men.

Of the drugs that stimulates, have it the harm but to be remembered is the part which pleasures us most.

Of the sickness that comes, are to be cured with warmth and soon the cold would disappear.

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Salhatul Asma Ruslan said...


wanna comment a little about the apologize,

it's ok,people makes mistake~always~

Kesalahan dgn Allah,kita bertaubat,pasti diterimaNYA~amat mudah..

kesalahan dgn manusia kita minta maaf juga dengan manusia,kita tunaikan hak2 yang sepatutnya,jika manusia tidak maafkan,itu normal,kerana mereka bukan sempurna dan tidak pernah sempurna dari kesalahan~
dont worry and keep tryin'~
InshaAllah Allah ma3ak~