Friday, May 22, 2009

spitting image


of all the spitting image that we seen everyday, in which some matches and others dont, i tend to see that the Final day is reaching nearer and nearer to us everyday.

of all the memories that are kept inside us and some memories that we want it to be forgotten are the ones that we remembers the most.

of the two phrases written up there, should be ignored because they are just crap written spontaneously by my two hands.

of the crackers that blow up our ears off and yet we repeat it as the joy and satisfaction comes from the part which hurts us.

of walking down the beach on midnight and feel the cold trembles in our veins, be it cold as the warmth of love are the one that we need most.

of drawing up the faces of our love ones yet the image would be bored by ourself, and we question the reasons of the drawing.

of no replies comes from the doings from the sweat, putting the affection into place, yet effort that we took were just seem as meaningless.

of the joy of writting now comes to my fingers, i continue to write about craps that would be ignored by everyone who read it.

of the ignorance that are aware, but ignorance as it is, just ignore as it is, while ignoring take the upper hand as to think takes the least.

of the end.

*i'm not home and 'kami' requested a new post, so here it is.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

grass is greener on the side of our hostel

its a very good news to tell everyone that Serumpun, a little indonesian restaurant has been opened just beside our hostel in which we are living.
finally, a place 2 enjoy malaysian's food.
so guys..
sape nk ak blanje dye mkn Serumpun??

Sunday, May 10, 2009

sehari di atas syurga


pada 3 Mei yg lalu,

Mama ayah dtg alex..

mereka ke alex selama sehari.

dan seterusnya bercuti di kaherah selama 3 hari.

dan seterusnya mereka ke madinah al-munawwarah dan makkah al-mukarramah..

bersama mama ayah, 

aku terasa sangat gembira.

walaupun sehari..

namun ku hargai..

sayang sgt ngan mama ayah...

7 Mei.. besday ayah.. ayah dh 60..


to mama,

happy mothers day..

thn nih anak mama bnyak jauh2..

azhari kat mesir, kakak effy kat aussie,

x dpt nk happy same2..

gembira yg amat sgt..

rase sedeyh bile mama tinggalkan alex..

cm nk nangis..

tp mama dh g jauh..

x jd lak nk nangis.

sebak di hati tahan saja..

sayang mama ayah sgt2..

sayang mama ayah sgt2..

sayang mama ayah sgt2..

Friday, May 8, 2009

9 part lust, 1 part logic (simpled)


semua orang telah pun membaca penulisan asal utusan ini bukan?
maka, atas sebab-sebab tertentu, utusan asal telah pun dialihkan daripada blog ini.

*the original post has been deleted by the author for it has been foully twisted by the comments form the readers.


A superior person always tries to be humble and empty.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

feared or respected?

"is it better to be feared, or respected?
I say, is it too much to ask for both?"- iron man
this quote here is from the movie Iron Man, where Tony Stark made up a little speech for his weapon presentation.
to think about this quote,
i say that a leader would be either feared, or respected.
FEAR is somehow a mixed feeling of dread and reverence.
some may prefer themselves to be feared by others. however, how is it can we be feared by people who are not feared to anything and anyone? These types of people does exist. i would like to take a simple example of an officer who had moved from his bungalow to my hoste building. this particular officer, is someone whom i thought that i should respect. i actually called this particular officer 'ayah' on our first time meeting by the nearby beach. by giving such an address to an anonymous person i only knew over a night, would show such a respect from me towards this particular officer.
there is this particular event on friday morning, where he called all the first year students to gather at the lobby of our hostel. getting insomnia in the night before really gave me the unwillingness to get out of bed. so, because not all the boys gathered by the lobby on time, he decided to get upstairs to our floor and he actually scold us all. there are a few funny quotes that i heared from his scoldings.
"saya sepak awak karang!!"
"jangan kamu keras dengan kepala saya!!"
"biar la kawan awak yang sakit tu tido, awak kena turun!!" (padahal x sakit pn) 
"baru nak kencing!! baru nak basuh muka!!" (he saw some of us just entered the toilet)
there are a few more, but these are among which i remembered.
he probably scold us because it seems that we had lost respect towards him. and not to forget that he scolded me the day before for something i was blamed on without any investigations on the matter. scolding is an act to obtain fear among others.
i had really put my respect on this officer, but the way he acted for the past few days seems like he tried to be feared. for a person who wouldn't be feared by anyone or anything, respect is something should be obtained. and for some other reasons, i had lost my respect on him. and he tried to be feared, but it is just not teptness to fear someone else. no respect, and no fear on him. but there is one thing i still should respect him for, and that is for being a person more senior than me. mr officer, i respect you for your age.
but still, with your status and standart as a high ranked officer by the middle east, i think that you shouldn't be moved to this hostel. we return back our money to mara for some amount already. supposed that you should be staying in a nice villa with a nice seaside view where you can cook with your family and friends. not to live here with us in this very average hostel.
forgive me for woken up late and i apologize for making you mad.