Friday, October 23, 2009

you're the lover of a 3rd voice

Assalamualaikum.. from inspiration by Amin Hudi

You're the lover of a 3rd voice

i cant figure why she cant reply it,
immediately after truly said that i missed her,
its not like she would go ran out of credit,
as she is one of the none getting richer.

then it would just be me and the blankey without having the ability of the capability to turn mr sparky up and turn the room warmed up.
end up its just me being lonely shaking up the freezes chills zero that should have killed me moments ago.
braced it to find some words from your heart that cud be the ignition to warmed up my heart but all the nonsense just caught back to me.

as she is the O lover of every 3rd voice
that speaks from anyone with a smart ass,
but why do you have to act as cold as ice,
cant we had just a little bit of compromise?

so i scrunched up,
get the chill out,
move a little bit to warm up,
but chill still got my butt,
i got fu**ed up,
but what the heck,
its not i'm in the end of the world to feel sad.

what i'm telling you here is that i'm being sincere,
that my voice came from the heart like an art,
but all this talk is like you're deaf to hear,
so i lie down on my back and just like that.

i hold on and flipped my phone,
waiting for you to beat my tone,
but could it be that the feel has gone?
and so stand me here all alone.

of the voices from the 3rd that kept u by close to all the chemical but all was just zero to anything that is worse than anything that has been given to you.
let the lying speaks of the truth that cant be handled, not long after a couple of weeks that a couple has been where a crack appears and the 3rd has speak.
they're numb by their uno and dos as nothing is compared to the voices that speaks for me, sincerely when i gave a huge wave of words that i admit.

Anwar Azhari
5 PM GMT +2 23/10/2009


anak ibu said...

sedeh jeh bunyik.

aminh said...

apa jadah ni?

Anonymous said...

sometime ad benda yg patut dikata. Ad benda yg patut dirahsia.

anwar azhari said...

anak ibu:

yup, mmg ad rasa sedeh dlm puisi nih.


ini adalah hasil seni otak kanan ku.


ko mcm ad point yg bagus di sini. mungkin boleh huraikan lagi?