Tuesday, October 27, 2009

no coffee for me, thanks.


few years ago,
i recon that something wrong is goin on with my heart.

i didnt eat,
then my heart would go tachy.

i didnt drink,
then my heart would go tachy.

i didnt sleep,
then my heart would go tachy.

i'm doin nothing,
then my heart would go tachy.

i'm running,
then my heart would go tachy.

i'm constantly breathing,
but my goes tachy.

i'm breathing fresh air,
but tachy got in to me.


i then made an experiment.

"would looking at my crush@ admirer make my heart goes tachycardia?"

i then search for her.

by the first gaze,
i can feel it. owh wait, thats not it. thats actually my heart which skips a beat.

so i find some other who i admire,
hurrmm, nope, tachy is just isnt there.

then i search for the 1st admirer once again,
ahh..!! thats it, tachycardia.

but i wasnt satisfied with the results.

but then i checked the results again. how? i tried to look at the admire's face again and again.

tachycardia wasnt there. so i decide that i wouldnt admire her anymore, maybe cuz my heart wouldnt go tachy anymore with her. so i stop admiring.

so there was my heart, goes tachycardia for no reasons. i thought its because my heart that tends to a certain feeling. but i guess that it wasnt strong enough.

so a few months ago, i check with a doctor, a cardiologist.

he diagnosed me and found out that i got AV nodal re-entry tachycardia.

never heard of it? search them by google.

by this, i'm a cardiac patient. i am vulnerable to any other cardiac disease now.
this tachy is not killing, but just disturbing. i rejected any kind of medication. and im also on a caffein free diet. a little bit of caffeine and this thing would burst. my heart cud beat at 240+ per minute. but i cant die like this.

if im killed by having a heart attack, most probly i wud end up at the mortuary to be post-mortemed before being buried.

but let me die in a normal way, in a way which a post-mortem wudnt be required. any way, in which post mortem wud not be required. yes its true that we all die, but just let it not be that my chest is being split apart or my brain removed.

im on a caffeine free diet. so no coffee for me, thanks.

having a sip of coffee feels like heaven. coffee is just almost wonderful if ur obliged not to drink them.

anything that or prohibited for, would be fun.

a wise friend of mine said that God took a favor from you in return, He reply with some other that you wud favors you more.

i believed.


anak ibu said...

ah, tade2.
ko belah org bole plak.


anwar azhari said...


jgn dowh..

x nak ak..

::::aFiq FahiMy:::: said...

how bout a cup of 'ahwah' after this,tept..

aq blanje..

no regrets.. ;p

Anonymous said...


end up half dead