Tuesday, September 1, 2009

wanita normal, lelaki gila


persis pada bulan ramadhan ini ingin saya berbicara untuk mengajak saudara sekalian berfikir tentang sekeliling kita.

saya akan permudahkan utusan ini.

ketika waktu moreh di masjid jame' pekan kajang. 3 org lelaki berborak sesama mereka.


picture this.

a blazing hot sexy muslim woman who doesnt covers her head and wears thight pants and an XS sized shirts for an M sized body. just a regular one that we cud see in everyday streets.
*dunt trouble urself to imagine this cuz then ur fasting wud go to waste*


an ordinary man who wears short covering his knees and strap that is just above his belly button with no T-shirts.

picture them,

and tell me, which one is normal, n which one is not?


ur the one who is crazy Tept, u kept talking stuff like this as if people wud care for whut u spoke of.

please r do smthing that is lets say, profitable for your own self maybe?

just talk about smthing usual like what u had done in the day, or anything special maybe..

if u want to speak smthing about this particular aurat matter thing,

people wud just put it aside man.


its not like that la Anwar, what im trying to do is just a little effort of myself.

hope that it wud be blessed by Allah.

smtimes when i think back of egypt, i hope that it would happen in malaysia too.


what do u mean??


u see, during ramadhan, we cud only see women in their hijabs n almost that we see none of them expose theirselves to the public. its such a nice scene to look at.

but not at malaysia, yes its true that we r all fasting, but whut wud the fasting be if they (the women) wud only get sins for their exposure of aurat? its like the fasting is a waste, their fasting is like whut our prophet Muhammad says that there are people who fast but only get hunger and thirst. while we r trying to get blessings from Allah from our fast and all of our other devotion.

from whut i said earlier, its not like im trying to say that the guy is normal, but he is also out of ethiques if and only if he is in a formal occasion.

its a weird kind of perception in which women have their own culture limits of exposure. if the malay mostly wont show their belly button and shoulder (yet, i hope. eventhough there are some). while for the white men they cud show off almost anything.


Tept, ko nih ckp pnjang sgt lar, just go straight 2 d point la.


ok, my point is. during this ramadhan, be special, do smthing special, if ur not covering, try to cover up and loosen up a lil bit. be more ayu (modest). be gorgeous the way islam had thought us to be. spanjang kita puase kita beribadah, maka jagalah adab secara lebih teratur.


thats nice tept, i think that i wanna wrote smthing about smoking on the next post.


that would be nice.


hey guys. i got something else for u to ponder.

i saw on channel Discovery Travel & Living. where this guy from america is traveling across dhumyad. he got intrested in wearing the white Jubah as all other arabs does. so he got to a tailor shop with his travel assistant who is an arab women that converse fluently in english.

the american starts to question while the tailor is measuring up his body;

"so, wouldnt it get hot if i wear long sleeves like this?"

the arab woman confidently talks about science and says;

"no it wouldnt, because ur wearing white. so, during hot weather, the white colour reflects all the light as well as heat."

the american then question again;

"so why are the arab women dress in black? didnt they get hot inside??"

the arab woman was speechless and burst to laughter and say;

"i dont know"

so let me ask u this question, please dunt be shy or afraid to answer this.

why is it that the arab women wears black despite the fact that they are living in a geographical area which is totally blazing hot during the day?


kepalakotak said...

ayu! that's the word!

mungkin pakai hitam sebab hitam memantulkan UV yg bahaya - menyebabkan kanser kulit.

tapi boleh jadi hitam sebab kalau kaler putih nampak dalam. 0_o

tapi itukan pakaian budaya sana. mungkin sama macam orang tanya : "eh, kenapa orang melayu pompuan pakai baju corak bunga2, ada dua poket tepi je tapi orang laki ada 3 poket?"

hUr said...

i like this post. 5 stars. haha. yup2. i'm with kepala kotak. xkn pompoan arab nak pakai jubah putih kott.. it covers evrything, but u can see everything jgak. huhu.tp diowg pki hitam pon, muka tetap putih bersih. haihh

anwar azhari said...

thank you kepalakotak n hur.

i accept the answer

1. because it will protect women from UV radiation. and;

2. because white are see-through..

so.. i dunt think that it wud be all just like that.

anybody else have smthing more to add perhaps?

Dr Anas MA said...

Salam wbt
1st time baca ur post.

just sharing some info,
Saudi's sngt2 berpegang pada sunnah2n hadis2 Rasulullah secara total.
so when Rasulullah melarang pmpn bertabaruj (berhias). they take it seriously.
they wear black because it attracts less attention of men to them.
Kiranya mereka berusaha menjaga diri mereka didunia supaya Allah menjaga mereka diakhirat.
n kecantikan itu hanya berhak dilihat pada suami mereka sahaja.

wouldnt it be nice if this concept is understood by malaysian women? he3.

Sebaik2 hiasan dunia adalah wanita yg solehah. =)


anwar azhari said...

thats a really nice 3rd answer frum anas md asis.. thank you..

so here we can see that religious obligations made up the culture of a certain society.

perhaps there are deeper elaborations or a view in any other perspective in this case??

::ena:: said...

post ni. terbaik ah!!
*thumbs up*

-psl jaw. soklan tu. err. just setuju je ngan mereka. bole?

anwar azhari said...

yes2.. bole jer..

thank u for ur support..