Friday, September 4, 2009

purnama pada malam itu- moreh 2


kali ini. 3 sahabat Tept, Anwar dan Azhari bermoreh lagi setelah selesai menunaikan solat sunat terawikh dan witir. seperti biasa, mereka akan berborak tentang hal-hal dunia yang sudah biasa kita dengari.


salam rakan2.. wah.. popiah basah menu moreh hari ini ya?


salam.. yea.. sungguh sedap sekali. ambil la bnyak sket..


sedap sungguh. nikmat2....
weyh Anwar, ko wat pe je kebelakangan nih??


ak cm biase2 je la.. kdg2 menghadiri kuliah forensik di hospital serdang, melihat bagaimana bedah siasat dilakukan, dan pelbagai lagi. ramai juga rakan2 kita yg lain turut serta, antaranya Irna, Fiza, Alif Asyraf, dan Marinah.


owh.. menarik sungguh. tentu banyak yang kau pelajari kan?


ya.. betul tuh. sungguh banyak yang ku telah pelajari.


apsal korg ckp skema gile hari nih??

cmnih la.. ak ad citer ttg umat islam nih. korg nk dgr x?


haa.. cerita la.



this is quite a rare phenomenon in which it happens at Jusco Cheras-Balakong. once every week, i spend my day at Mico Hair Saloon to get my hair loss treatment. and almost everytime that i wud perform Asar at the musolla.

the weird and rare occassion that i see is in which the malay @ muslims here wudnt want to form any Jemaah for their solat.

when i arrived at the musolla 2 minutes before Asar, i found out that there were 2 men. 1 is a middle-aged man with post malaysia uniform and the other one is a brother in his 20's, with long, curly, coloured hair and box patterned pants.

being the first one to accomplish the ablution, i walk through the musolla and roll down the carpet for the imam. the brother then finishes up with his ablution ang he catch up upon me. with a smile that pleases, he pleased me to be the imam. i told him to call upon the others by the Iqamah. he the recite it well and so i goes on with the takbir. while praying, i was hoping that the Jemaah would get bigger, as how i heard the sounds of water from people performing ablution.

But sadly, none of them joined us as they only pray by theirselves behind us. i became very sad but holding it in deep.

After the solat & doa, i asked the brother;

"why is it that there is no one that would join our Jemaah?"

he then raised up his shoulder telling me a positive unknown answer. he then get up and put on his shoe to get back to work. I followed him. he then asked me;

"do you oftenly pray here?"

"no, just sometimes." i said.

i then continue;

"i seldom pray here but the same thing kept happening. people just wont get together in a jemaah. even if theres already a jemaah going on, still they wudnt want to join them. sigh.. c'mon la, this is the holy ramadhan month. still they.. sigh.."

i then got up and walked away, the brother follows me behind. we walked aside till we reached the escalator and he raised his hand as a salam and a smile of a bright one.


ish3. kita nih dah btol umat akhir zaman..


but it really is true. when in public places, people just tend to runaway from any jemaah and pray by theirself. they thought that it would be easier and faster that way but they didnt realize what they really had missed.


kepalakotak said...

same la.


tp x selalu. mungkin.

Anis Amirah Nawawi said...

nk solat jemaah neyh mmg susah dlm msyrkt kite.. lbeyh2 jnis yg x biasa.. lgi ssh.. dats y we should practice and sometimes force ourself in order to make it as our routine.. alah bisa tegal biasa.. :)