Friday, December 16, 2011

lurah tak berdasar


I can see myself with a friend
talking about things we would never understand
and I can see a couple running together
they are enjoying oneself but why should I bother?
Then I see you coming out from the corner
making your way close to me
each seconds your image grew clearer
and my palpitation grew harder to hit me
Then I see myself browsing some electronics
I tried to run away but you keep tailing me
sniffing around as if you are Tept addicted
the goosebumps gush to my skin to elates me;
          Thus I woke up, my room are full of haze
          I can't even see the clock on the wall
          all this time, have I been in a maze?
          or is it just me falling down in your pitfall.
I'm falling but I haven't hit anything.
How deep is this hole?
Can you tell me?


p/s: Specific


Syafinaz Alizaini said...

dah terjatuh dalam lurah tak berdasar.

next time bring along a torchlight, fren


aliff asyraf said...

i can almost understand what you want to convey here.. ;)

Anonymous said...

syok gak baca poem dlm blog ko ni..aku suke blog engko..

Cha'a said...

uve dreamt of someone u admire huh? i'd say the hole is quite deep. quite, i mean, veryy...