Tuesday, December 21, 2010

incubation period


Pause, patch

I need time for myself.
a time, perhaps a long one,
to clean an oozing red,
to sow with a fine thread,
to cast what I had done,
to heal, because
tomorrow would be better.

I would do anything
to get this right
because all are nothing
compared to what I sighted.

If blossoms haven't bloom in spring,
I promise you the beauty of summer.

This winter chills always thought me,
to wait for the Maghribi summer.


as there are no reason to give up,
I don't see giving up as an option.

1 comment:

whitesokiz said...

but the rhythm bit cha0s..huhu...

p/s:abaikan...i x bdarah seni p0n..;p