Sunday, August 2, 2009

bila hati terpaut, memang susah nak cabut


i had missing my family but my heart tells me to stay in egypt.
but my passport tells me that its about time to go home.
thought that i would make a surprise to my family.
but i had to spoil the surprise,
afraid that my mom would get too excited to see me.
*bila hati dah terpaut, memang susah nak cabut*


yesterday i had been doing something new for myself.
i learn how to do vector art and pen art of Adobe Photoshop.

its a cool thing to learn new things everyday.

i got something new from this very cool site

here is what i did and how i did it.

1. imagine a picture.
(actually just grab a picture)
use your own, wild imagination.

2. draw the outline of the picture.
with details of facial line, etc. this takes me about 6 hours

3. colour it.
with any colour u like. draw some facial shade, brighten the lips, some eye feature, scarf shading, and clothes. takes me about 8 hours

4. place the picture into a wallpaper canvas

5. customize it.customization takes me about almost 2 hours..
and voila!!!

***feel free to comment on my artwork. the girl is just an imagination of my mind. it shouldn't have any resemblance to anyone you knew around you.***


anwar azhari said...

the last picture is a wallpaper. grab it if u like it!!

Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

salam Tept.. just wanna say


anwar azhari said...


i appreciate that

anwar azhari said...
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aminh said...



usaha keras lagi. essence asas die dh hilang.


azizie said...

kemas n simple.. nice colouring n shading.. buleh improve lagi skill shading tu.. keep on the good work..

anwar azhari said...

org dubai: terima kasih.. essense asal boleh menimbulkan syak wasangka. bahaya.

azizie8: tq.. nnt kat umah ajar la cara yg lg gempak utk edit gmba..

source said...

a show of an appreciation.

Irine Nadia MaRceLLo said...


hUr said...

not bad. bravo. clap2.

anwar azhari said...

tq irene and hur..

i appreciate it so much..

zahin said...

apsal la kan,,aku rasa aku kenal minah nie pett??hahahhaa

anwar azhari said...

owh.. dunia nih mmg kecil. semua org pn saling mengenali.

reference: wikipedia - 6 degrees