Thursday, July 5, 2012

tulang kering


happy birthday to qamarul naim, and also to my second couzin, nur syahirah ishak. you guys are the only two i know to have the same birthday as me.

take this poetry
the language is like cat scratches on the furniture.

Plausable Actor

the candle is still lit
how long have i stood on this stage?
a drama for else to watch
dialogues are to gain plause
neither touch nor laughter brings joy
yet the royals fake smiles
as it pleases the peasants
whom are barred by the castle gate
ignore them,
as the house should be merry first
their words are stabbing pain
aching our heart and bleed us
in a blink yet
they are praising us on our funeral
are they faking them
or had they realised what has been ignored
was the truth that their egoism had held

i beg thee to kill me
my hatred to your undoing
should have sunken me
during my journey with the same boat.
our eyes are not meant to gaze
gruesome it would be
for the disgrace of my own ego.


p/s: dah 21.

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Cha'a said...

this one's actually caught my eye. love the last stanza btw.