Thursday, October 30, 2008

doing just fine


its been awhile since my last blog.

nothing much to say eventhough there are many things that has been seen..

i want to say good luck to all my friends who would be sitting in the SPM..

my neighbor,

zuhri adlina, ira, jasmin, e'et,

my cousins,

asmidar, hafizah,

my second cousin and twin sis,


my friends,

nurul atiqah, shamim,

my juniors,

bdak2 dorm B104, fellow saserians, ice cool kajang boys,

and to all who are currently studying for their futures..


wat btol2..

x susah, mudah jer..

insyaAllah korang leh berjaya..

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ahuyy~ said...

teringatk time spm dod..