Sunday, August 10, 2008

mortuary- the inside story

last saturday..

me, alif n izzat had a stay in ma house. at serdang hospital. its reported to us that there would be a post mortem that wud be held on saturday morning.

then, there we are in the mortuary. we put on our masks, aprons, n boots to observe the post mortem. the medical officer in charge is Dr Salmah under the supervision of Dr Abdul Karim, senior consultant of pathology and forensic malaysia.

to respect the corpse, we r unhibit to take pictures of him. but we do get to take pictures of ourselfs and the doctors too..

di sebelah kanan, Dr Salmah.. yg tersengih, Dr Fairis

x de la busuk sgt dlm bilik 2.. masa masuk je bau sket2 busuk.. lpas 2 dah leh dah bkak topeng.. syok gak.. new live experience.. huhu..


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azizie said...

wah! dah masuk bilik mayat.. kiranya dlm family dah 4 org masuk bilik mayat.. abg pn pnah masuk taw.. siap amik gambo mayat lagi (^_^)