Thursday, June 12, 2008

what early adolesence thought me...:

in the news flash,
i am now at ktt,

kolej technology timur, sepang.

its a very fine college,

but more likely like a shoplots..

before i was in ktt,

there was this particular time in which i had a superbly wonderful holiday.

its the time after da horrible spm..

from dec 2007 to may 2008,

much women i knew n had learn smthing from them,

some of them as a motivator,

some of them as a spirit burner,

and some just pushes me off da wall....

let me first talk about A****h

she thot me of how sweet life are with love n how great it is to be good..

i knew her since i was in form 3..

very nice, sweet, sporting, ..

and i really knew her family well...


its about A*****a..

very sweet, adorable, dearing,

n much more..

she thot me of how fun it would be to have many freans around ang how fun it is 2 mingle with other pple.

i knew her since april 2006.

she has been very nice 2 me since then..

the next intresting person i wud like u all to knoe is nurul I****y..

very sweet, neva met her,

thot me of how every pple shud have a good fren n stick togetha till the end...

i had a fought with her n now i heard the least of her..

the next intresting person is nur******a...

sexy, sweet, adorable, n much more..

thot me of self changing which is very hard and need tons of effort and really determined heart..

i wud love 2 see her again someday..

last but not least is j****n m*****r e***s..

she is superbly too beautiful..

more likely i asked her to be my bidadari in heaven if God didnt show me how beautiful; bidadari really is..

thot me that..

there are much more out there, much nicer than she is, and still, its a long journey..


n c ya next tyme..!!


Hamba ALLAH(gurl) said...

my b ko x knl aku lntak aku bdk kitt gak..aku juz nk ckp so sweet of u..the way u express that u learn somethg from da gals that thought u sweet..hope u learn more from any2 gurl after this..(sori r kalo aku mcm merepek sket, tp xpe coz aku bukn seorg pengarang!)ahaha

hamizi~XD said...

ak cam knl 2,3 pompuan yg ko cite ni. alahai~