Thursday, April 29, 2010



kali ini penulisan aku lebih serius, sedikit. sudah lama tidak menulis puisi. sebab-musababnya bakal diceritakan dalam puisi pada utusan hari ini.
sebuah puisi monolog dalaman ego, nafsu, dan hati. terimalah,

Biarlah Aku Bersahaja

Di sini aku ingin menulis,
tapi idea di kepalaku muflis,
serabut sungguh memikirkan,
segala yang ku angan-angankan.

Peluh tangan menitik pada pena,
air liur meleleh kerna terlena,
cuba fokus pada yang dipuja,
namun segala usaha hanya sia-sia.

Sekarang ini katanya pula cinta,
sedangkan aku sangkakan biasa,
debaran jantung semakin kencang,
segala ini aku tak pernah rancang.

Pelik kiranya aku lebih gembira,
apa selama ini aku buta?
hanyalah dia tersenyum sapa,
tersipu malu kot agaknya.

Telah selamanya aku menunggu,
sekarang seperti jelas di mataku,
desik hati kecil bertanya boleh kah?
atau ini sesuatu yang salah?

Selama ini seorang kau berdiri,
akhirkan zaman itu sekarang ini?
aku rasa tangguh sajalah,
anggap seperti lumatan sampah.

Perlakuan seperti itu salah,
boleh melukakan hati yang lemah,
tapi inilah sebenarnya diriku,
tentu sekali berbeza denganmu.

Ku tanya kau berapa lama lagi?
sehingga puas membilang hati yang dilukai?
mari aku ajar kau erti sabar,
tahan sajalah walau menggeletar!

Perlakuan sang kaki lima jalanan,
kau hanya nampak alur telapak tangan,
sekarang patutnya kau ambil langkah,
walau kau sangka kau menerjah.

Manakah boleh aku sisipkan?
bilangmu seperti ini perkara ringan,
tempatnya memang ada di situ,
namun sisiplah hanya satu.

Kau tahu ini berat bagi aku,
konon seperti tisu di saku,
ada sekiranya diperlukan,
setelah itu dibuang di tepian jalan.

Aku tidak sanggup bukan kenapa,
sebab aku takut dia terluka,
sekiannya hatiku berubah arah,
tangisannya bakal mengalirkan darah.

Langkah ini sebuah risiko,
tidak boleh main semberono,
maka akan ku kata 'biarlah',
walau ku rasa aku akan kalah.

Akhirnya mungkin ku takkan dapat,
dalam pertaruhan seperti ini hebat,
seterusnya lihatlah aku bersahaja,
sesungguhnya aku amat selesa.


Monday, April 26, 2010

my aim: to burn the excess fat in the lower 4 abs


lets do an experiment. this may be some helpful tips for you to start exercising to be in better shape. however, i'm not a medical proffesional or an expert in sports science. any medical help you may counsult your doctor. A better way to plan your diet, training and schedule you can click the link here.

Arnold Schwarzenegger



How can i get in a totally good shape before flying back to malaysia?


To get in shape with a fit body and appearance in 3 months time.
To obtain a tight 6-pax abs.
To burn out all the accesory fat located elsewhere in the body.
To fulfil the 4th Muwassafat Tarbiyah, el-Qawi al-Jism.


With a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and well planned routine, you can get in a totally good shape before flying back to Malaysia.


Manipulated variable: exercise, rest, and diet
Responding variable: stamina, power, speed, body shape, total physical appearance (muscle size, excess fat, etc.)
Constant variable: individual participating in this experiment.

List of Apparatus and Materials:

Premiere Gym apparatus or Classy Gym apparratus (dumbells and barbells in home would work too), food high in carbohydrates, protein and fibre, weighing scale, mirror, calendar, and watch.

Technique used:

by having adequate exercise, rest and diet, we would obtain an increase of stamina, power, speed, body shape, and total physical appearance.


1. renew your purpose (tajdid el-niat) that what you are doing is for Allah SWT, so that you would have a better health to fulfil your obligations toward Him.
2. start by weighing yourself with the weighing scale and look for excess fat that you want to get rid off from your body.
3. aim for the excess fat part of your body that you want to get rid off and the muscle that you want to build up.
4. go to the gym, workout for at least 1 hour, 4-5 times a week with the supervision of a trainer.
5. walk to the campus and have a 30-40 minutes jog, 2-3 times weekly by the beach (from camp caesar to sidi gaber, stanley bridge and return)
6. take breakfast everyday, have a lunch as usual, and reduce the food intake during dinner. make sure that your diet have adequate amount of carbs, protein, and fibre. Decrese the take of fast food and oily food. Plus, like our Prophet's teaching, make sure that you don't get too full or too hungry.
7. have a rest for at least 6-7 hours of sleep. this will help you regain your energy to continue your routine for the consequent day.
8. schedule your timetable after the first week, make sure that your activities is done regularly.


1. do not strain youself forcefully in the gym. watch these tips for men, and for women.
2. fat by the pectoral region would be use for metabolism lastly in our body and the abs region first. jogging, which uses our quads (the biggest muscle) would seriously help in burning extra fat in our body. (refer here)
3. make sure that you have a supervisor by the gym or a friend or two to help you wih your workout.
4. while jogging, make sure that you only uses your nose to breathe in and breathe out. this will keep your body heat inside your body and avoid excess loss of energy.
5. do not eat such a heavy carb meal after 7 pm. this will totally collects fat and reduces your metabolism.
6. drink plenty of water, at least 2 litres a day or 8-12 glasses everyday. do not drink carbonated water such as Coca-Cola, 7 up, Pepsi, etc. as this type of drink supplies you with enourmous quantity of sugar that will directly be turned in to fat around your belly and buttocks.

Presentation of Data:

Look at the mirror and weigh yourself, feel good? if not, continue your routine. if yes, continue your routine.


By having a regular adequate exercise, rest and diet, we would obtain an increase of stamina, power, speed, body shape, and total physical appearance. However, more time may be needed to have the body shape we desire.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

some places i call home


i had just downloaded Google Earth. had some fun. take a look at these pictures.

its where i call them HOME.

1. Makkah al-Mukarramah

i had visited here during 2005, during the semester break in form 3.
maybe insyaAllah i will return here next year, if i may say. this is the Qiblat of all the Muslims in the world. that is why i placed it first. cuz we all sujud at the same direction, towards the Kaa'ba.

2. Masjidil Nabawi, Madinah al-Munawwarah

this is where the home of our Prophet Rasulullah PBUH. Raudhah, is the place to be.
InsyaAllah, if we are permitted and given by Allah to reach here, may our journey be blessed.

3. LOT 16503, Jalan Sg Kantan, Kajang

my home. since 2003. still is. n i love it so much.

4. Masjid al-Aqsa, Palestine

my only pray is for this place be freely entered by us, cuz Palestine, is supposed to be a free country, not a prison stacked by high concrete walls and electrifying fence.
Ya Allah, protect al-Aqsa.

5. Hospital Serdang

my second home.
this place reminds me of my duty towards the people who i love most, Malaysians.

6. JKR 47/88, Hospital Kuala Terengganu

by the look of the picture u guys might think that i live in a beach villa of some sort. i used to live here for about frankly 5 years.

7. No 21, Taman Bayu Perdana, Klang

after terengganu, our family moved to Klang. we live in this wonderful terrace house where we have an Indian neighbour by our right and a Chinese neighbour by our left. i feel that i'm in a society that is really2 special.

8. 423, Ang Mo Kio, Singapore

this is my aunt's house. she is the best aunt a nephew and niece could ever had. honestly, she cook the best meal. all my brothers and sisters agreeed and my mom approves it.

9. Epping, Melbourne

this is where my sister stayed with his husband abang Fairuz and her son Fauzan Azeem.
i had stayed here for about 1 week during last summer.

10. dur tani syaqah sittah

no comment

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

relationship, it's somehow complicated?

relationship. its complicated.

a few made up story. some of which is modified, some of which are based on experience of family and friends.

story 1:

that guy might have a girlfriend, but for being so far away from his girl, he started to get naughty and starts to check out other girl.
so the guy than had been struck by a crush to this particular "second" girl. for sure (or perhaps), that somehow a second girl is always is better than the first one.
maybe by adding an adjective or two like dresses better, sweeter smiles, more caring, and much else. however, for having just a crush towards this second girl, the first girl starts to get jealous.
and so, she may tries harder to please the guy. yet, for somehow he had seen a better girl with better adjectives, he didnt fall for the flirts as he did before.
while awkwardly, he would start to feel eerish of every action that was made by the first girl. by that, i mean that he might have forgot that all the actions of flirts that was made by the first girl are the things that made him like the first girl in the first place.
therefore, the first girl starts to get tensed and superbly jealous towards the second girl. while probably the guy is having fun with the second girl, the first one eats ice cream on the bed or couch and starts to write heartbroken status on facebook and instant messenger.

second girl, wins.

end of story 1.

story 2:

this guy is a natural for being a sweet talker. his words would make any girls fell for him. but he is single, and have not so much friends.
so what he did was he adds anyone and approve anyone on a social networking site. so he start to get new friends, online.
what happen was that he started to get really close and somehow a slight attracted to a girl. but his girl was'nt much of his taste at all.
but however, they begin to know each other very well and instant messege one another, and they even also send e-mail (though its lame) to get into more serious topic that need a proper way to be told.
and they continue like that for a couple of month or more. so basically, they're very close, shares secrets, but never met each other.
what happen then was, this girl, has a friend (best friend in fact), who is definitely more in any adjective that could be described by either man or woman.
and therefore, the guy started to be attracted more to the girl's bestfriend for the reason that i said before. and so, as time goes on, the guy got along with the second girl and started dating after a month knowing each other.
eventhough the first girl had knew him longer.

second girl, wins.

end of story 2.

story 3:

there was this beautiful, multi-talented, sweet girl (girl 1 ). and of course, for being beautiful, multi-talented, attractive sweet girl, she has a boyfriend (guy 1).
and so there was this another guy (guy 2), tall, intelligent, good looking and kind. not much, compared to the boyfriend of girl 1. however, he got a girlfriend (girl 2) who is totally above all compared to the first girl mentioned.
what happen was, the boyfriend of the first girl got another girl (girl 3), who is beyond else of the first girl. and somehow guy 2 is attracted to the first girl (of anyways who cares?).
and guy 1, who clearly have something going on with girl 3, said to girl 1, that they have nothing in between at all. being convinced for the statement made by guy 1, she feel relieved.
furthermore, she totally ignore guy 2, who had clearly shows his affection towards girl 1, despite the fact that he has made a promise towards girl 2.
suppose that, in my opinion, guy 2 should be with girl 1 who he is attracted more to, and girl 1 should forget her late boyfriend who had lied, obviously.
but girl 1 was still thinking about guy 1. and guy 2 was still thinking about girl 2. for better or worse, i think the best was for girl 1 being with guy 2, and guy 1 being with girl 3. ignore girl 2 who is really a package and could find a substitude easily.
for girl 1 who still having hope in guy 1, pity her. most probably she would end up like the first girl in the first story above. for guy 2 who is now affected to girl 1, pity you. for girl 3, lucky you. girl 2, forget guy 2.

first guy, wins.

moral of these not-so-complicated-but-damn-hard-to-understand-and-easy-to-get-confused stories are,

-1st girl, never wins.
-2nd guy, try harder.

end of story.
while in your story, 1st girl might win.
but who cares? i made these up.

Monday, April 19, 2010

rhythmic imbalance


so this time i want to try new thing..
i want to make my poetry have all the same syllabus till the end..
so i had made one, kinda weird when i first read it, cuz its definitely not my kind of style.
and i also tries to keep up with the rhythm..

and hence, i got this all 7 syllables till the end, and a rhyme of:

abab, abab, abba, aabb, abab.

hurrmm... but i think its a good start. i'll try harder next time.

Awkward doll

I know I am just a doll,
but I know that you want me,
for anything above all,
you can not hold to like me.

Why are you feeling awkward,
to the love that you had see,
you wish that I am a toad,
so then forth you will kiss me.

Someday I'll be a prince then,
and you will be my princess,
I will get you undressed hence,
do not matter till when then.

Don't make this gap between us,
be a wall that you can't pass,
then you know you are lying,
and suddenly you're crying.

I know there are difference,
but the heck then should we care,
I say perspective's nonsence,
that would lead us both despair.


who are you?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

secebis pengalamanku


cerita ini telah pun diceritakan secara ringkas di Study Medic Sekilo

29 MAC 2010 hari ini juga merupakan hari jadi ismah mansurah

Mesir- Hari ini cerah seperti biasa. Aku telah lewat untuk ke kelas praktikal. Lamunan selepas subuh sememangnya melalaikan.

Aku membasuh muka, menyalin pakaian dan terus beransur ke kelas praktikal bersama rakan serumahku.

12 minit dalam perjalanan. Di hadapanku ialah seorang lelaki arab, dewasa, bertubuh sasa sederhana, yang sedang melintas jalan. Sampai di pembahagian jalan di bahagian tengah, dia tunduk sedikit. Mukanya merah, tangannya memegang jantungnya. Dia terjatuh.

Lantas, seorang dewasa yang lain, umur lingkungan 30-an, mendekati mangsa, membaringkan mangsa dengan teratur, dan menepuk bahu mangsa tersebut.

Aku datang membetulkan kaki mangsa yang tersimpuh. Ku lihat, kakinya pucat, mukanya merah padam, tangannya sebentar tadi memegang jantung dan mangsa ini pengsan serta merta.

Tidak syak lagi, ini ialah 'Infarction of the Heart Disease', atau nama singkatnya, IHD. penyakit ini menjadi sebab kematian 70% penduduk bumi anbiya'.

12 OKTOBER 2009 hari ini pula hari jadi nurhafiza hasan ganny

Malaysia- Aku memeluk ayahku yang juga merupakan guruku dalam bidang Perubatan Forensik.

Ayahku berkata, "ingat apa yang ayah ajar, insyaAllah kamu akan jumpa satu hari nanti semua benda yang ayah telah ajarkan".

"insyaAllah," kataku sambil memeluk dengan lebih erat tubuh ayahku.


Malaysia- "Hari ini, Azhari buat pula post-mortem", kata abang Khairi, pembantu perubatan di Jabatan Forensik Hospital Serdang.

"Tidak mengapalah, lain kali", jawabku.

"Alah, ayah kamu tak marah punya, jangan risau. Pergi tukar baju di bilik persalinan, nanti masuk bilik bedah siasat," tegas abang Khairi.

Aku menyalin pakaianku dengan baju biru yang sering dilihat di kaca TV. Wah, aku kelihatan seperti seorang doktor drama bersiri Scrubs!

Sebelum ke bilik bedah siasat, aku mengenakan sepasang but, apron plastik yang menyelubungi seluruh tubuh badan, topeng muka, penyelubung rambut, dan dua pasang sarung tangan getah.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim memasuki bilik bedah. Beliau memerhati mayat tersebut dan seterusnya memberi taklimat ringkas kepada semua anggota penyiasat yang ada di dalam bilik bedah siasat itu.

Kata beliau, "ini ialah kes IHD. Mudah saja diagnosisnya, tubuh badan di bahagian atas berwarna merah padam. Biasanya kalau di wad kecemasan, kita akan selalu mendapat kes seperti ini. Oleh itu, selepas bedah siasat ini, saya akan mengajar kalian bagaimana hendak merawat mangsa IHD di wad kecemasan."

Bedah siasat pada hari itu berjalan seperti biasa seterusnya.

11 APRIL 2010 hari ini pula hari jadi nuaim hibatullah

Mesir- Kelas Patalogi bersama Doktorah Amani. "Jika kamu nampak ada orang yang pengsan di tengah jalan, ada dua perkara yang diharamkan ke atas kau untuk melakukannya. Pertama, jangan mendudukkan mangsa. Kedua, jangan memberinya air.

Biasanya kamu akan lihat mukanya pucat akibat tekanan darah rendah. Sekiranya kamu mendudukkan si mangsa di atas kerusi, darah akan berkumpul di bahagian kaki dan kurang darah akan ke kepala. maka, mangsa boleh mati di tempat kejadian.

Sebaliknya, kamu harus menggunakan kerusi sekiranya ada, untuk menaikkan sedikit kakinya agar darah daripada kaki turun mengalir ke arah kepala. Jangan memberikan dia air. Hal ini kerana apabila mangsa pengsan, otot yang menarik tutup epiglotis dan peti suara akan manjadi lumpuh, dan kerongkong tekak akan terbuka terus.

Mangsa boleh mengalami Penumonia atau paru-paru dalam air dan hal ini boleh menyebabkan komplikasi yang teruk di atas tindakan anda pada awal tadi."

Beberapa minit kemudian, kelas tamat. Aku menghampiri Doktorah Amani. "Doktor, apa yang patut kita lakukan sekiranya kita berhadapan mangsa pengsan akibat penyakit jantung?"

Doktorah Amani mengambil sedikit masa untuk memberikan jawapan, "sekiranya kamu menghadapi mangsa penyakit jantung, yang penting adalah kamu memerhatikan pernafasan serta denyutan nadinya. Sekiranya tiada pernafasan atau lemah nadi, kamu harus menyatakan bahawa kamu ialah seorang doktor yang bertauliah kepada orang ramai dan menjalankan CPR ke atas mangsa. Kamu tahu apa itu CPR bukan?"

"Ya doktor, CPR ialah pernafasan mulut ke mulut, selain itu juga kita memberikan tekanan terhadap jantung mangsa untuk membantunya mengepam darah," jawabku.

"Bagus, insyaAllah kamu akan belajar lebih lanjut mengenai CPR pada pengajianmu di tahun yang ke-3."

"Terima kasih di atas tunjuk ajar doktor!"

29 MAC 2010

6 orang dewasa berbangsa arab, mendekati mangsa. Mereka bergaduh antara sama sendiri, bingung untuk mengambil tindakan yang wajar ke atas mangsa yang telah nyawa-nyawa ikan tersebut.

Seorang dewasa yang nampak paling gagah dan besar, dengan suara yang lantang mengarahkan pemuda yang lain, "angkat orang ini masuk ke dalam keretaku! Akan aku bawa dia ke hospital serta merta."

6 orang arab tadi menyusung mangsa ke dalam kereta Lada berwarna putih milik arab gagah tadi.

Aku, seorang pelajar perubatan tahun 2 Universiti Iskandariah, memberikan jalan kepada mereka dan tidak membuat perkara yang lebih daripada itu. InsyaAllah, satu hari nanti, aku akan.

Maksud aku, membuat sesuatu seperti menyelamatkan nyawanya.

Friday, April 16, 2010



khairi malik selalu berkata, kalau x suka, x payah baca!

tapi, bagi aku,

kalau kau x suka, maka hal ini ada pada kau.


pada mana apa saja yang kau lihat itu ialah sampah
manakala penulisan yang mengutuk
perbuatanmu jua adalah sampah
kerna kau yang seperti tikus
hidup di dalam belukar sampah
mengorek sisa cebisan yang ditinggalkan
untuk meneruskan
kehidupan yang sejak asalnya adalah
daripada sesuatu yang suci
semakin meningkat usia
semakin pula kotoran itu melekat, lekit
maka batinnya jua terseksa.
kan telahpun digambarkan pada sekitaran
sampah kau.

kehidupanmu sendiri
mencerminkan hatimu bagaimanakah ia
maka tentu sekali lemah dan
langsung tidak digeruni musuh
kerna kau lemah kotor seperti tikus jalanan sahaja
tapi punya mampu bersuara besar kau ya?

kau seperti yang lain
menjadi retorik jalanan yang tiada identiti
kau masih bingung dan tidak sedar akan penyakit
yang menghinggap hatimu
maka kau duduk sajalah dan mungkin jua baring
maka tatkala itu tentu jua musuh telah mengalahkan kau
patutnya kau kehadapan sekarang
namun apa yang mampu kau lakukan sekarang?

jadilah kau sampah.

wah, sudah lama tidak membuat puisi bertinta hitam.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

cakapan kosong


benda nih dah basi dalam dokumen nota aku.
utuskan sajalah.

skrip aneh:

di tram:

lelaki 1: *menaiki tangga tram* bismillah~
lelaki 2: waalaikumsalam wbt..
lelaki 1: assalamualaikum wbt..?

di keramaian:

lelaki 3: how about that girl sitting in the front row?
lelaki 4: by the left hand side or the right hand side?
lelaki 3: of course i'm talking about the left hand side.
lelaki 4: owh, what's her name?
lelaki 3: here, people can hear us if we spoke her name. just take a peep in my book. i'd written it.
lelaki 4: aahh, now its clear.
lelaki 3: hahaha..
lelaki 4: i think, she is, the best!

di rumah kawan:

lelaki 5: hey kawan, masuklah! jemput2, wat cm umah sendri
lelaki 6: hahaha.. lame x nmpak ko syed.
lelaki 5: yer la man, bkan slalu pn ko dtg umah ak..
lelaki 6: jap ek, ak tgh chatting ngn kakak ak nih *pergi ke hdpn laptop*
lelaki 5: *duduk berdekatan dgn lelaki 6*
lelaki 6: weyh man, ak pasang wallpaper nih ko jgn fikir bukan2 ye..
lelaki 5: wallpaper ape?
lelaki 6: ni haa.. *minimize window*
lelaki 5: sape nih? aisyah? eh, mcm bukan.. ak knal ke x minah nih?
lelaki 6: hahaa.. bkn aisyah la.. ni farah..
lelaki 5: **lakhanat kau!!! ni awek ak!!**
lelaki 6: ko jgn bgtahu sape2 taw.. ak bkn ape, saje je ltak wallpaper nih.
lelaki 5: hahaha.. x de pape kot. sape la yg x ltak gmba farah ni jd wallpaper. dye kn lawa, pandai posing, etc. *cipan ko!*

menuju kuliah:

*angin bertiup kencang, seorang akhwat, kainnya terselak ditiup angin. berkali-kali*

lelaki 2: *languk*
lelaki 4: astarghfirullah... 3x
lelaki 2: ada yang kata, kalau lelaki jalan, kepala kene languk. supaya nampak ada ego dan kurang kemudharatan.
lelaki 4: aku x dapat nk tgk atas, matahari terik. bawah pula "panas".
lelaki 2: hahaha.. akhwat tuh mmg cmtuh, harituh dye selak jeans dye nmpak bontot, harinih nmpak benda lain pulak.
lelaki 4: eh.. ko ni biar betul??!
lelaki 2: btol la.. sigh~ akhawat..

nota bawahan: sekiranya tidak faham, tidak mengapa.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

dia diminati dan disanjungi semua


harinih berasa kurang bersemangat. mungkin kerana peperiksaan tadi menduga. namun, telah ku berikan yang terbaik. selain itu, aku mendapat sokongan dari seorang sahabat handai untuk membuat utusan pada hari ini.

princess of Kajang

you are here,
present between us peasants
with poise you came in here,
of your smile,
kills those who are vile,
make us crazy for it and not a while.

then your scent,
shows the beauty of the scents
all so descent oh so innocence.

as how the sun,
shining up your skin as the fairest of them all stand in sheen,
so we come, then we kneel,
to our lovely princess we have to bow to the heel,
so that is her, said to be the fairest of all.

now that it all doesnt matters,
we all agree for our princess is an angle,
but in all that matters,
that is truly her,
who is definitely deserves it,
not just beautiful,
but to be humble,
and with high poise,
make us distort to wonder,
plus a distance to ponder,
a thought to be slender.

she will be queen,
from above the kingdom and palace.
as all the peasants are here,
just to have a gaze though
we have to bow in grace and
to never see her face,
oh how it was said,
that she is never been seen,
by any eyes of that is even a matter,
so we come, and to hope,
that this the time to see our princess so glee
and to wait her sits beside the queen.

my princess,

I don't have horses of white,
or stallions of black,
but for each days to enlight,
you can ride on my piggy back.

I don't have diamonds or pearls,
but with a ring of gold,
I'll be with you in tears,
and stay blithe when we are old.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

play along. its fun..!!


i got a new fren. her name is cha'a. u can see tons of her comment from my previuh post and currently she is my top supporter. i have no idea how she look like or anything about her in the matter, it just happens that we are 2 bloggers commenting each others post. sounds gay. thank god she's a she.

1. adakah anda rasa HOT??

ya. baru balik dari main basket.. x cool down lg nih..

2. wallpaper skang nih:

3. story behind it:

ak jd ajk utk program nih. saje2 test wat wallpaper nk tgk ukuran dye muat ke x.
smpai skang x tuka2 lg. nsib baik x kene tag time ak ltak gmba

4. kali terakhir makan pizza:

secara jujur, di universiti malaya, hari isnin, 5 oktober 2010. kolej 12. ad membe puasa time nih. ak bawakkn pizza utk dye sbb dye puasa. bg ak nih kali terakhir sbb pizza tuh amat2 sedap, dan harituh amat special. slain tuh ad gak, cuz pizza tuh mcm mknn harian time exam. tp x spesel sgt, not much to be mentioned.

5. lagu terakhir anda dengar:

6. slain dr wat tag, anda wat per?

baca buku anat. thorax.

7. selain dari nama sendiri, anda dipanggil apa?







Novak Djokovic?

dan bnyak lagi..

8. tag 8 org..

hurrrmm.. ok.. well.. malas r. k bye

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spartans! what is your profession??!


well, my profession is,

being a volunteer at hospital serdang for a few weeks (no payment of course)
and work for RM 60 a day under Cilix's Corp at the LKIM as an IT technician.

beside's that, i don't work at any other places.
except for being a 2 minutes cashier at the HospiMart of serdang hospital.
yeah, tat was too quick. just one customer.
i cant even open the cash register. chuckles~

so here's a riddle on what i want to do next is....

hey u, on the table.
yes u, hey, answer me.
y arent u answering?
owh yeah, i get it, ur dead,
but why?

i can see ur a male.
owh kay, good body shape.
colourful livor mortis.
ahh, u cant move.
lets call it rigor.
so its like, whut?
half a day perhaps?

i see u had congestion
all over your skin.
ur fingers are cyanosed.

how come u b dead of IHD?
owh wait, im sorry.
ur insurance cant be claimed.

unless of course,
they need to see ur inside.

so just lay down now.
it shudnt hurt.
let me just comb ur hair.
and yeah. please,
cud u pass me the s*****l.
thanks, owh kay, hold on.
owh kay, now i see ur skull.
seems OK with no fracture.
get me the s*w with the v****m.
ahh, yeah. great,
now i need that small s*****l.
hand me the bowl and OK.
*we got ur brain*

make sure u cut it evenly,
lay them on the board.
owh great. im correct.
u didnt die of stroke.

put it back.
lalala.. gauzzing..
lalala.. stitching..


have u guys done with the chest yet?

this is the thing i want to do in my profession.
wish me luck.

but first, a little bit of exam this 10th of april.
i havnt read a thing. anyways, good luck~!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

self quote: blame the tongue or the fingers?


i had been walking in my own blog.
and found stuff that i didnt believe i wrote them.
few are great, others are awesome, but mostly trash and old junk.

saya yakin. saya telah mengambil langkah ini. sementara orang hanya tahu menarik balik langkahnya, saya kata tidak. kerana kali ini, saya akan terus jalan ke hadapan.

dokter boleh mati time blaja.
serius, medic susah.

...i seek the meaning of love itself. and as how thick oxford's dictionary are, or how comprehensive wikipedia and google are, i still cant find the right answer.

"Ya Allah, Aku pohon cinta Mu ya Allah,
dan cinta orang-orang yang mencintaiMu ya Allah"

Kajang to Kuala Lumpur,
reminds me of home,
where both of us has come from the same place.

nyata bahawa wanita itu lebih ramai, tapi, adakah wujudnya wanita yang mencintai Rasulullah SAW lebih dari suaminya sendiri?
(sepertimana zaman para sahabat dahulu?)

Prof: u smoke?

Tept: no

"Palestin..!! I'll get u back..!!"

yes, its undeniable that we have the so called "4 column" to be filled (could be filled),

cuz in the end of the day, i realized that I only need YOUR LOVE. I only need your Love, O Allah.

yeah. i'm a son who misses his mom. a LOT.

the weird and rare occassion that i see is in which the malay @ muslims here wudnt want to form any Jemaah for their solat.

during ramadhan, we cud only see women in their hijabs n almost that we see none of them expose theirselves to the public. its such a nice scene to look at.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

lagu terakhir

this might be the kewllest video clip on youtube.